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The P.A.T. Homeschool  Academy

- A homeschool program -
Where you will learn how to Think, not what to Think

A Homeschool Program
A Different Kind of Private School

 A different kind of private school.  A homeschool program where your will learn how to Think, not what to Think

Imagine a Homeschool Program where students beg to continue playing to learn, because the classes they are taking are too engaging; where each unique personality and individuality will flourish; where children will learn in their own particular way.  Imagine a Home-school program that applies the latest brain learning research in its curriculum design (teaching both hemispheres of the brain to work in harmony before implementing any curriculum.)  A program that trains teachers in new learning paradigms. Imagine a program that helps parents support and prepare their children to be the confident, capable, creative, and concerned citizens of tomorrow while achieving coherence within the family binding all members into one unit. Not only does this achieve a more academically and emotionally sound student, but it also achieves a well-rounded parent in his guidance and self-growth. A program where the parent will be coached and student will be taught side by side creating a triad of teacher, parent, and student network. Now the question is... Can this kind of school really exist?  Can it really be so dynamic and so different and still meet all of the traditional standards?  

Welcome to The Pedagogically Advanced Training Academy

"You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers.

But you will tell if he is  wise by his questions."

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Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states of the United States, 

although the laws governing homeschooling differ from state to state.  

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